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The following helping professionals are members of the Healing Trauma Network and have completed the Post Induction Training, Inner Child Intensive and Feelings Reduction Intensive or the equivalent and are actively using this model to aid clients to heal from relational trauma. Some members have also completed the Couples Boundary Training Workshop and are actively using the Couples Boundary work developed by Pia Mellody in their private practices.

Please use the legend below for specific services offered by the network members:

 Therapists who offer PIT workshop intensives in their private practices or in ongoing groups

 Therapists who offer workshop intensives in their private practices and allow other therapists to observe

 Therapists who have completed the Couples Boundary Training and use it in private practice

Note to all readers: This professional directory can help you locate a PIT Practitioner. The Healing Trauma Network (“HTN”) neither endorses nor recommends the individuals listed on this website. The HTN cannot make assurances that the qualifications or services of any individual would be suitable for the needs of a particular individual. Users of this registry understand and agree that the Network is neither liable nor responsible for any actions of those using or choosing to list on this registry.

A profound sense of humanity is my personal and professional foundation, and I believe the key is to tap into one's true self that may have gotten lost over time. Seeking therapy is a wonderful gift to yourself and I want to honor that as best as I can. I believe that many people benefit from a directive therapy style that can support AND challenge them. Using a compassionate, non-judgmental approach, I offer direct feedback when appropriate and will assist you in identifying unhealthy patterns and obstacles to having a satisfying and more functional life.

My training and expertise are in codependence, addiction, mood disorders, eating disorders, self esteem issues and relationship issues. Since 1996 I have worked in settings such as psychiatric hospitals, residential rehab centers, out-patient clinics, and a special education school. Please contact me if you have any questions about my experience or competency in a particular area.

Since being trained by Pia Mellody in Post Induction Therapy for the treatment of codependence & childhood relational trauma, I have been using this model extensively with great success. I find it incredibly rewarding to work closely with those trying to make changes in themselves and their lives by regaining their self-love.

Phone: 858-609-8124