Healing Trauma Network

The purpose of the Healing Trauma Network is to promote the continued growth and use of Pia Mellody’s Post Induction Therapy (PIT) in the private practices of clinicians in the United States and other countries. It is also to be a directory of Trauma Healing Therapists for people who struggle with addictions, PTSD, attachment issues, and developmental trauma.

Pia Mellody is recognized internationally as an authority on childhood trauma, codependence and addiction. She has created a framework for identifying codependent thinking, emotions, and behavior and provides an effective approach to recovery.

This will be accomplished by:

  • Being a resource and reference for all clients trying to find Pia Mellody trained therapists and workshops in their local area
  • Publicizing professional training workshops for therapists wanting to continue strengthening their expertise in this methodology
  • Offering subscribed members the ability to list their biography, contact information and listing of any workshops or groups they offer in their private practice

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Who We Are

We are a network of dedicated licensed professionals using Pia Mellody’s Post Induction Therapy and other innovative treatments  in our private practices. We are not affiliated with any other organization or institution. Post Induction Therapy (PIT) helps treat clients who present with symptoms of developmental immaturity (formerly called co-dependence).

The premise of PIT is that childhood trauma (defined as anything less than nurturing) is the origin of developmental immaturity. Recovery from co-dependence involves both energetically releasing the toxic emotions left over from these painful childhood experiences, and learning to re-parent the self by intervening with these adaptive states which are defined as adult symptoms of co-dependence.