What is Post Induction Therapy?

Photo Courtesy of topstep07, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Photo Courtesy of topstep07, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Post Induction Therapy for Developmental Immaturity Treatment (formerly known as co-dependence) is a therapy modality designed to treat the effects of childhood trauma and resulting issues of developmental immaturity. The intervention strategies which compromise Post Induction Therapy originated as a result of experimental application of strategies developed to treat the effects of child hood trauma.

These strategies were developed by Pia Mellody through her work at The Meadows inpatient treatment center. Pia Mellody, a survivor of childhood trauma, found the conventional treatment strategies in the 1970’s inadequate in meeting her needs and the needs of her clients. As a result, she devised strategies, which assisted her own recovery. She practiced these strategies on herself. Subsequently these methods were shared with other survivors of childhood trauma who were at The Meadows and were received with great success.

These modalities, which are the core of Post Induction Therapy, are an eclectic approach which uses individual and group therapy. There were drawn from psychoanalytic therapies, Gestalt, Family Systems Theory, Transactional Analysis, Rational Emotive Therapy and the concepts of Erik Erikson and Carl Rogers. The first Post Induction Therapy for Co-dependence Treatment workshops for training therapists in the utilization of these intervention strategies were conducted under the sponsorship of Dr. Ann Worth.

Since its beginnings in Dallas, TX in 1986, the PIT training program for professionals has evolved into a one week intensive training and two other three day training’s which teach the Inner Child and Feeling Reduction techniques.  These training’s have been conducted worldwide and are on-going today. Many helping professionals who have trained in this model currently use the PIT treatment model in their private practices. These therapists help their clients learn to deal with trauma and the effects in their daily lives. Many of these professionals also offer workshops through their private practices that use the PIT methodology. These workshop intensives are based on the treatment model developed by Pia Mellody called “Survivors”.